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CHOOSE-FOREX Bonuses & special promotions

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Choose-Forex Bonuses & special promotions

At Choose-Forex the moment you join us- you will get instant bonus surprises and special promotions. The reason is simple we want to welcome you to our family and we want to encourage you towards your initiative to join the most lucrative business industry across the world. To reinforce your confidence in our services, you can have quick registration and very simple mechanics to avail your choice of bonuses and promotion offers.

We do this all to make you feel comfortable, giving you a sense of belonging and to show you that we care. At Choose-Forex we believe in developing a fraternity of Forex traders who join this industry with the passion to go-get their dreams and we are there to support them through expert advice and loyal patronage. Our offers are segregated into two patterns one are instant bonuses that you get as soon as you activate our accounts with us and the second one is with the number of transactions that you conduct. To get further details, keep reading:

Greeting Bonus:

As you join our services, Choose-Forex believes in sharing and responding to you with gestures of appreciation. We understand and encourage your initiative by reciprocating to your subscription. For that we have developed a Greeting Bonus. Depending on the size of the account you may open with us-we will give you up to 10% bonus of your amount. Greeting Bonus is a guaranteed offer on all your first deposits.

Traders joining us through companies can also avail this Bonus by opening a standard account in the individual unit of Choose-Forex. Greeting Bonus takes a 2-3 days processing time and will be added to your deposit as soon aswe get your request. To make the process faster as you open the account send us the request and we will follow up even faster.

Features of Greeting Bonus

Deposit Amounts Bonus Percentage
Deposits ranging to $3000 5% Bonus
Deposits ranging to $3001-10000 7% Bonus
Deposits ranging to $10000-10001 10% Bonus

Terms & Conditions Apply*

Win/Win Offer:

Win/Win is a one-of-a-kind offer through which you get in a chance to win no matter you lose or win in the Forex market. Yes that’s true, it’s like a bundle offer packaged around the number of transactions you make. So every time you are conducting your trades you are sure that you have supplement income streaming along. Keep winning on-market and off-market that’s why we named it win/win.

Company clients of our partners are also invited to join this bonus saga and keep wining without pause.

The conditions are fairly simple and you will be able to encash these bonuses pretty soon.

Lot Volume USD per lot Step necessary to avail a bonus
5-19 3 5 lots
20-49 3.5 3 lots
50-79 4 2 lots
80-99 4.5 1 lots
>100 5 1 lots

*Terms and conditions apply.

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