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Powerful partner network matters. No doubt about it. Forex is a growing business, no doubt about it and you can make money in this business in other ways than trading: you can become an Introducing Broker, affiliate or partner to a broker. That means you help the brokers gain more clients and you get paid in the process. Now let’s see what are they offering and how you can benefit from that.

Partner Network

Partner Network Solutions

eToro, like many other brokers, offers you the chance to become an IB (Introducing Broker). An IB is a company or individual with their own clients. As an eToro IB you will have the chance to introduce your referred customers to a whole range of financial products like Forex, Commodities or CFDs . If you want to become an eToro IB, you have to be a financial services company, online service provider in the financial sector, provider of trading education or a money manager. If you are part of one of those categories, you can fill and submit an application form and one of their IB account managers will get in touch with you to discuss individual business opportunities.

 The advantage of becoming an IB for eToro is that you get to run a business but you have none of the risks related to ownership. So, if you already have clients and you refer them to eToro, you are on your way to becoming an eToro IB. Your are getting things rolling in this type of the partner network. Another option is to apply for their White Label program. They offer brokerage services, customer care, back office, and marketing support . In other words, everything you need to get you going in the world of online financial trading market.

As an IB for Markets.com, you introduce your clients or connections to them and you can earn up to 25% on all their trades. You get access to a back office suite of reports and statements. All you need to know about the income generated by your connections shown in real-time. Your connection network generates a trading volume and you get a commission. It’s that simple.

Partner NetworkMarkets.com also has an affiliate program for website owners and an impressive program for money managers. You also receive a lot of marketing and educational materials to help you better promote your business. Here is a link to their partner network program: http://affiliates.markets.com

Alpari UK provides a popular IB program as well. Once you start bringing new business to them, you start collecting commissions. Of course, the commission amount varies in accordance with the traded volume of the introduced clients. They offer: an experienced and friendly multilingual support team; good rebate conditions paid in immediately to your  account as your clients trade; a unique link to make it easy for you to keep track of your introduced clients. Here is a link for you to get more information: http://www.alpari.co.uk/en/partnerships.html

As an Introducing Broker for AVAFX, you are offered customized solutions: competitive rebates, and a wide range of platforms and marketing tools. The CPA program (Cost Per Action) is best when you own a website and refer customers to AVAFX but you don’t know who your customers are. CPA program is simple, and it is the best option if you have many clients. You will receive a unique link to put on your website and you receive a commission every time a client signs up with AVAFX using that link and closes at least one trade. The CPA program is most popular and works best with website owners, networks, bloggers, and data managers . This link will provide you with more information: www.avapartner.com

Saxo Bank has more than 250 Introducing Brokers worldwide. Pretty large partner network. Once you become an Introducing Broker you have the opportunity to work with one of the world’s biggest banks and one of the most reliable brokers you will ever find. They will offer you and your clients enormous amount of trading products, award winning platforms, liquidity from top banks and fast execution. Please follow the link to get more information: http://www.saxobank.com/partner-and-institutional

Another opportunity comes from Easy Forex. They also give you the opportunity to earn by referring clients to them whether you have many personal connections, or a high traffic website. They will work with you to find a customized way to remunerate you. To be an Easy Forex partner, you have to be an online marketer, website owner, agent. They also have a White Label program and they provide you with vast knowledge and IT support. For more information, follow the link: http://en.easy-forex.com/int/partners.aspx

Partner programs offered by brokers are a great way of making money out of the Forex market without risking to much by investing in trading, but as you can see, there are some requirement and you have to qualify to become a partner, affiliate or Introducing Broker.

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