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At Choose-Forex we believe in complete transparency and our Forex news analysis are totally unbiased, which can actually help understanding trading techniques, process and styles. Determining the major factors that rule and symbolize the future Forex trends can take time and will need dedicated efforts on a newbie’s behalf to use certain news for their own profits.




Broker comparison

One of the most important things for a trader, no matter the level of experience, is choosing a reliable, honest broker, with good spreads and execution. Even if your strategy is good and you feel that you have your trading under control, that can easily change if the broker you are trading with is not honest. That can be a hard task to accomplish and we are going to help you.



Learn to trade

Learning Forex can be hard, as the amount of information is huge and sometimes all the reading can be hard on the eyes. It’s normal for brokers to want to teach more and more people to trade Forex. The greatest advantage of a learning with us is that you can ask questions about the topic presented and you can receive quality answers.



CHOOSE-FOREX, smart choice

Choose-Forex is a Forex market watch. You will find it free from disguise and maintaining a level of commitment and thoroughness to assist Forex traders take beneficial decisions.However, Forex trading is not free from risky terrains therefore these Forex reviews must only be applied with substantial info leverage and technical support.


The ups and downs of the Austrian economy October 16, 2018 by

The ups and downs of the Austrian economy

Austria, a landlocked European country with the population of about 8,756,000 in 2018, has been experiencing a steady decrease in the unemployment rate for the past few years. The unemployment rate was as low as 6.9% last month (compared to […]

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Where is Bitcoin headed: Rolling the dice October 12, 2018 by

Where is Bitcoin headed: Rolling the dice

With the entire financial world obsessing about cryptocurrencies in the last 12 months, it’s hard to imagine that the big daddy, Bitcoin, has been around for almost a decade; in fact, Bitcoin is celebrating its 10th birthday in just under […]

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Is the economic climate in Ukraine changing for the better? October 9, 2018 by

Is the economic climate in Ukraine changing for the better?

In recent years, Ukraine has been the center of political turmoil, and it goes without saying that the country’s economy has suffered some significant losses. The armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia brought the country to a virtual standstill back […]

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Is Montenegro faced with an uncertain economic future? October 3, 2018 by

Is Montenegro faced with an uncertain economic future?

Montenegro, a Southeastern European country on the Adriatic Sea, has recently been experiencing a slight unemployment rate decrease. With the estimated population of 629,219 and a very low population density (45 people per square kilometer) in 2018, Montenegro has the […]

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Bitcoin in September September 27, 2018 by

Bitcoin in September

Cryptocurrencies, in general, have recently again experienced a sharp drop due to manipulation. In fact, the crypto community listed manipulation as a number one reason for bitcoin losing its value, but they also cite many other reasons for a sudden […]

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Swedish currency‘ s double-digit decline September 24, 2018 by

Swedish currency‘ s double-digit decline

While other currencies keep increasing, Sweden’s currency keeps declining. Sweden’s crown weakened more than any other developed country’s currency in the world (12% against the dollar). The statistics also show that its currency weakened 0.7% against the euro after the […]

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Political issues and economic potentials of Guyana September 21, 2018 by

Political issues and economic potentials of Guyana

Guyana is a country in South America that had been facing decades of ethnic divisions before it opened the door to a new generation of politics. After 23 years of absolute power, there was chosen a new government. This English-speaking […]

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