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At Choose-Forex we believe in complete transparency and our Forex news analysis are totally unbiased, which can actually help understanding trading techniques, process and styles. Determining the major factors that rule and symbolize the future Forex trends can take time and will need dedicated efforts on a newbie’s behalf to use certain news for their own profits.




Broker comparison

One of the most important things for a trader, no matter the level of experience, is choosing a reliable, honest broker, with good spreads and execution. Even if your strategy is good and you feel that you have your trading under control, that can easily change if the broker you are trading with is not honest. That can be a hard task to accomplish and we are going to help you.



Learn to trade

Learning Forex can be hard, as the amount of information is huge and sometimes all the reading can be hard on the eyes. It’s normal for brokers to want to teach more and more people to trade Forex. The greatest advantage of a learning with us is that you can ask questions about the topic presented and you can receive quality answers.



CHOOSE-FOREX, smart choice

Choose-Forex is a Forex market watch. You will find it free from disguise and maintaining a level of commitment and thoroughness to assist Forex traders take beneficial decisions.However, Forex trading is not free from risky terrains therefore these Forex reviews must only be applied with substantial info leverage and technical support.


Bitcoin into free fall June 24, 2018 by

Bitcoin into free fall

According to the latest news related to the most popular digital currency in the world, bitcoin is free falling as the cryptocurrency value dropped within a day. There was also a dramatic decrease that happened in May when Bitcoin was […]

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German unemployment and economic growth June 19, 2018 by

German unemployment and economic growth

It’s a well-known fact that when the economy of a country flourishes, it directly affects the percentage of the unemployment rate. In the case of Germany, this rate hits the record low due to the booming of global trade and […]

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Sweden still remains one of the most competitive economies in Europe June 15, 2018 by

Sweden still remains one of the most competitive economies in Europe

In the last few months, the Swedish housing market experienced a pull down due to new-built housing and strict amortization rules. There has been recorded a short drop in prices, mostly in the large cities. For example, in February in […]

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Romania has been facing recurring economic issues June 14, 2018 by

Romania has been facing recurring economic issues

In comparison to other EU countries, Romania is considered as one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rates taking the 8th place (the Czech Republic is ranked as the country with the lowest rate (2.2%), and the one with […]

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Will Russian economic recovery remain a challenge? June 8, 2018 by

Will Russian economic recovery remain a challenge?

Raised pension age The latest figures related to the percentage of the unemployment rate in Russia in 2018 show almost 10%, but this rate threatens to increase if the government raises the age of retirement. Older age groups will suffer […]

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Ireland’s economic challenges June 4, 2018 by

Ireland’s economic challenges

The latest statistics for Ireland in 2018 show the lowest percentage of the unemployment rate in 10 years (5.9%), and for the first time in a decade, it went below 6%. The statistics also show that, at the moment, there […]

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Facebook implementing blockchain technology? May 28, 2018 by

Facebook implementing blockchain technology?

Facebook, the tech leviathan of today, never sleeps. It has recently announced that it‘s going to determine new heads for Messenger and WhatsApp, and their plans for the original Facebook application is that chief executives turn towards the emerging blockchain […]

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