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Brokers with Special Offers and Bonuses

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Forex is a growing business, with more and more people wanting to be a part of it. But one of the first requirements to enter this business is to have a broker to trade with. Of course, it’s not hard to find a broker, because there are so many of them. This also led to a fierce competition between brokers, trying to attract more and more customers. Some of the ways of attracting customers include a lot of marketing, advertising, “get rich” promises and special offers and bonuses.

Getting special bonuses is great for us as clients because we don’t know if the promises for good execution and no re-quotes will be honored by the broker, but we know for sure that we will get our special deposit bonus or whatever special offer the broker has at the time you become a client.

Here are some attractive bonuses offered by some of the most widely known brokers:

AVATRADE:  If you open a new account with them, you receive up to 10 000$ cash, depending on the type of account and deposited sum. If you open an account by depositing 200$, you will receive 40$ extra. That’s 20% of your deposited sum. They also have a good friend referral program where you receive a cash bonus as well as your friend.  As you can see, there is much to gain with the “New Accounts Promotion” from AVATRADE. Always check the conditions required for you to qualify to a special bonus. We included a link to their bonus section: AVATRADE bonuses and special offers.

The Refer a Friend program from Markets.com allows you to profit from your network of connections. They allow you to earn free bonuses for every customer you introduce to them. The Refer a Friend program is subject to terms and conditions. For more information on their program, please follow the link: Market.com Refer a Friend program.

eToro gives us a special kind of bonus: when you register with them, you receive a special coupon that allows you to copy any trader of your choice on eToro’s OpenBook. The value of the coupon varies according to the amount deposited. You can check the best performing traders and when you decided who to copy, click on CopyTrader and just follow the instructions. This promotion is valid only to new customers and is time limited, which means eToro can stop offering it at any time, but dont worry, they have the refer a friend bonus and the first deposit bonus.  Here is a link to eToro’s special promotion and other bonuses

FXOpen also offers an interesting bonus: you receive real money into your trading account without making an initial investment. All you have to do is register FXOpen eWallet, verify your FXOpen eWallet and open a Standard trading account to receive 10USD. Of course, you cannot withdraw or transfer the 10$. They also offer 100USD once for the first 10 lots of trading volume (closed transactions). Other conditions apply so please follow the link to get more information: FXOpen bonus without an initial deposit.

Here are some links to other brokers with special offers and bonuses:





A special offer or a bonus can be a good incentive to choose a certain broker, but never make your decision about a broker based just on the bonuses. This is one of the most important decisions a trader will make and it cannot be based on a one time bonus. If you have done your research and the broker you chose meets all your requirements, and they offer a nice bonus, then your decision is easy. Please make sure that you understand all the conditions that the broker requires for you to receive the bonus and always be extra careful.

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