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Classic Easy Forex review

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As this Classic Easy Forex review will undoubtedly show, it has always been about global markets, and no-nonsense trading. Nothing needs to be downloaded or submitted, certainly not in advance. Despite its name, there is nothing too “classy” with Classic Easy Forex. When completing the Easy Forex login screen, one needs not even have an open account or lay any money down. However, before actually going through with this, it might behoove you to get familiarized with all the ins and outs with Classic Easy Forex, including the Easy Forex demo account, the dealing room, as well as accounts, commissions and similar “trivialities”. This makes a Classic Easy Forex review the perfect place to start!

Complete Classic Easy Forex Review

Classic Easy Forex Account Types

Any trader who wants to get in on Classic Easy Forex will have to opt for one of the basic account types. They vary in terms of deposit, leverage, deal size and certain other risk and reward-related issues, mostly spreads and customer service. There may not be a Classic Easy Forex account, but there are others. For instance, the Mini account needs only a $25 minimum deposit and is meant for beginners and low-level deals, albeit not too low. Every deal needs to weigh at least $5,000. At this level, most perks are learning-related: 1 on 1 training, basic platform features and rudimentary customer support.

Upgrading to Gold, however, will require a $500 jump in minimal deposit as well as a tenfold increase in minimum deal size – to $50,000. However, all this extra risk is not without management and reward. Apart from all the goodies from the Mini account, there is a personal dealer and access to the famed dealing room. Of course, Platinum members, i.e. people who dished out $5,000 deposit and make deals in excess of $250,000 also get improved leverage and extra charting services, naturally on top of everything from earlier accounts.

Finally, to qualify as a VIP, one needs to front up $10,000 and make huge deals – $500,000 minimum – and in order to do so successfully, there is an entire range of perks and offers with custom (advanced) technical analysis, dealer call levels and update calls to name only a few. Of course, trading is not restricted to FX, as there are commodities on offer as well.

Also, Classic Easy Forex has another ace up its sleeve. Easy Forex demo account might be a nice idea for those in need of hands-on training before proceeding to the real thing. In any case, the rewards are well worth the hassle of going through the Easy Forex login process. If not, then consider their revolutionary Freeze Rate Facilities, that can only be executed at a certain rate, preferably the favorable one, as well as one-click trading feature for when you need to beat others to the punch and every click counts. Just be careful what you click on… Classic Easy Forex can be unforgiving at times.

Classic Easy Forex

Commission, Fees and Classic Easy Forex

There are no commissions, classic or otherwise, with Classic Easy Forex. They get most of their earnings through the spread that each trader must pay on each transaction, which works as you might expect: there is an ask price and a bid price, and Classic Easy Forex makes money on that difference. As for actual spreads, they change on a case-by-case basis, although the more liquid the instruments are, the lower the spread and vice versa. The leverage seems to be as high as 1:400, which is nothing to write home about. The main advantage of Classic Easy Forex are its (relatively) fixed spreads which are, more importantly, usually known in advance, so news trading is always a good idea with this broker.

Classic Easy Forex Platforms and More

Classic Easy Forex traders can benefit greatly from a number of different trading platforms, the choice of which can greatly influence their trading style and other details. After all, different kinds of traders prefer different platforms, so it is only natural to give the biggest choice possible. Their Web trading platform is suited to beginners and low-level investors, as it offers a secure, rudimentary platform in a number of languages, available around the clock.

The Java-based TradeDesk, on the other hand, caters to intermediate-level traders who know how to appreciate advanced charting options it brings to the table. Naturally, the Classic Easy Forex MetaTrader 4 platform comes with 85 indicators (as a base version), in addition to highly advanced charts monitoring all the important aspects as well as analysis based on data from the last two decades in order to identify and predict trends. These custom systems are aimed at professionals, as few others would know what to do with them.

There is also a platform aimed at iPhones and Smartphones that integrates well with other platforms and even provides access to dealing room details, outlooks and many other aspects that Classic Easy Forex saw fit to include into the mix. If you add a wide array of learning tools (like the Easy Forex demo account or trading academy and its extensive library) or trademarked software specialized in FX trading and the advanced trading experience they offer, it is no wonder that Easy Forex has been doing as well as it has.

Too bad it gave up on U.S. customers years ago, though. It is still licensed and regulated, so there are no concerns there at least. Customer service mostly deals with phone calls and emails, although they are available 24/7. Promotions and bonuses are also on the light side, not that many people choose their brokers based on bonuses – nor should they, as it is usually a bad idea.


What we have here is a forex broker which specializes in newbies, but does not neglect seasoned traders either. The numerous accounts and platforms cater to different types of traders and their styles, and their extensive library is full of content that will shape said styles into money-making machines, as long as they are not in the U.S.

For more information, visit Easy Forex’s offiial website.

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