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Learning Forex can be hard, as the amount of information is huge and sometimes all the reading can be hard on the eyes. Some Brokers and Forex companies started offering a new kind of education in the form of Webinars. These can be also a form of promoting a product, an EA, a new book or a strategy.

Usually, webinars are offered by brokers. It’s normal for brokers to want to teach more and more people to trade Forex or at least to make them interested because later on, they will become their customers. The greatest advantage of a webinar is that you can ask questions about the topic presented and you can receive real-time answers. Because webinars are interactive, they can be less boring than reading countless pages of Forex education.

Webinars can be a good source of information and education and we are going to provide a few links for you to choose from:







There is also another form of webinars – a company tries to sell you a Forex product and the best way of showing you what their product can do is by promoting it trough a webinar. If it’s a custom indicator they want to sell, in the webinar, they can show you exactly how it performs and you have the big advantage that you can ask real-time questions about the product.

So, if you want to take a break from learning Forex by reading, you can try some webinars and get your information in an interactive way. If you need more information about webinars or Forex education, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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