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Finally, here is Marketscom review. Markets.com may not be the biggest or the largest companies out there, but it certainly is one of the fastest growing. If you wish to find out what brings so many clients to the Markets.com login page, keep reading the Marketscom review. This Cyprus-based broker, like all companies operating in the EU zone, has to comply with a set of rules and regulations – namely those set by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. This ensures maximum transparency and safety of all monetary transactions and ensure everything is legal and above board.

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Marketscom Review: Different Types of Accounts on Offer

Once the Markets.com login sequence is out of the way, clients can get to account types that involve Classic, Standard and Premium variety, in addition to Markets.com demo account. Naturally, no Marketscom review would be complete without discussing the additional features that are on offer.

For starters, there is the Markets.com demo account, meant primarily to be used by novices as well as prospective traders, in order to safely and discretely perfect their skills and tactics in a safe and friendly environment, which is in stark contrast to the real thing. It is always better to risk virtual money than your own, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. Until you get the experience and build up confidence, the free Markets.com demo account has you covered. Once you are ready to graduate to the real thing, however, you can sink your proverbial teeth into one of the three real accounts on offer, as explained by the Marketscom review.

The Classic Trading Account is as good place to start as any, especially considering the fact that it is the most affordable account of the trio. The Markets.com bonus scheme may not be the most generous at this level, but it does give you unrestricted access to all of the trading platforms, including the Markets.com Mobile, which is all a shrewd FX trader needs to get ahead.


In any case, the minimum deposit is $100 and non-negotiable, but if the old Markets.com review is right, and it is, this entry-level package alone brings you comprehensive daily market analysis, in addition to various learning tools otherwise unavailable if the Markets.com demo account is the extent you went to. These aids involve webinars and videos that explain the ins and outs of the trade. And as mentioned in the Marketscom review, the full specter of trading platforms becomes available at the very beginning.

Next down the line is the Standard account. The deposit is somewhat larger, as it requires a serious investment of $2,500 to upgrade to this level, but most of the successful FX traders regard this as pocket change anyway. In addition of all the perks of the previous account, the Standard clients get their own dedicated account manager to handle their trading affairs, plus the premium daily analysis, giving them more insight than the ordinary version ever could. To top it off, there are some trading signals available via SMS that are placed at your disposal on this level.

However, why stop half-way to the top? As most people who read this Marketscom review will surely agree, the highest-tier, Premium account offers the most bang for your buck – 20,000 bucks, to be precise. The Markets.com bonus offers are the most generous at this level, too. As you might suspect, it brings all the perks from previous accounts, plus some new features, the most important of which is full access to the Premium Customer Support, but we will discuss this later on in the Markets.com review.

Marketscom Review: Commissions and Leverage

Marketscom does not charge any commissions on trades done via their platforms. The 1:200 leverage is nothing to write home about either, as many brokers can easily double this number.

Marketscom Review: Spreads and Other Expenses

Other than the minimum deposit, most of the actual income made by Marketscom comes from spreads that they charge on trades done via their platforms. As for spreads themselves, they feature both floating and fixed spreads. The former start from 3 pips and more, and mostly apply on major currency pairs, especially on the EUR/USD currency pair. Floating spreads have a 2.2 pip minimum, but those are for major currencies only. CFD trading is different, as the floating spreads start at 0.005 pips and more.

Marketscom Review: Trading platforms

Marketscom features a number of trading platforms – 5 in total. There is the MetaTrader4, which is ubiquitous nowadays and famous for its reliability and customization options. The other one is slightly modified, MetaTrader Multi-Terminal, which is essentially the previous platform, redesigned to accommodate FX trading over several different accounts. There is the Web trader for those who like to trade non-stop, as well as the Marketscom Mobile Trader, for those who like to trade on the go via their Smartphone or a similar device. Finally, there is the Sirix WebTrader, an experimental platform aimed at delivering ultrafast access to any financial market you desire for maximum effect and profit. Naturally, all of these platforms feature a generous learning curve in addition to being user-friendly and versatile.

Marketscom Review: Customer Support

In case Marketscom review hasn’t been clear on this issue, their customer service is truly exceptional. In addition of bringing more than 20 languages to the table, they even got phone lines in more than 30 different countries, available around the clock, as long as you call on a business day. Naturally, live chat and email are also an option. Responsive service is something that no Markets.com review can afford to omit. For those who choose not to cheap out on the account, the Premium Customer Support brings another level on top of those already present, making this one of the main selling points for this broker in general.

For more information, visit the official site of Markets.com.

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