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Plus500 Webtrader Review

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Of all CFD brokers out there, few can match the egalitarianism offered by Plus500 webtrader. This fully regulated broker is based in the London, UK. Although a large portion of its customers are based in Asia and Australia as well – to be regulated by any single body is a plus in itself. If there was such a thing as overkill, being regulated by both the FCA and ASIC in order to trade in CFDs (only products that Plus500 offer) on FX, stocks, ETFs, indices and commodities Still, this is probably one of the main reasons that explains the incredible growth rate of Plus500. This Plus500 review will, among other things, deal with the Plus500 login sequence, the Plus500 demo account as well as other aspects of Plus500 trade. If you want to know what it means to be a Plus500 webtrader, step right up!

Please have in mind that your capital is at risk before you start trading.

Complete Plus500 Webtrader Review

Plus500 Webtrader Offers Various Account Types

Plus500 would not be nearly as successful without its unique approach to FX trading. There is only one type of trading account, and it is the same for everyone. That means no “special” bonuses (T&Cs apply) or buying your way to the top at Plus500 webtrader; just your skill and luck. Plus, the minimum deposit required is only 100 EUR, whereas other brokers may require thousands of dollars for the basic service package…

As for the Plus500 demo account, it is unlimited and absolutely free of charge, making it one of the ideal learning tools for beginners and budding professionals alike. Few brokers can honestly claim to show this degree of dedication towards their clients, as they usually try to restrict the learning curve and shorten it, just so their clients can start trading as soon as possible, with no heed to the cost. This way, clients can learn the real meaning of Plus500 webtrader!

The Plus500 webtrader login process is relatively rudimentary, featuring the least amount of hassle while still complying to a myriad of regulations so that your Plus500 trades are as safe and secure as they could ever be.

Plus500 forex broker

your capital is at risk

Shares Up to 1:10; Indices Up to 1:294; Commodities Up to 1:150; ETFs Up to 1:100

Plus500 Webtrader Commissions? What Commissions?

As for actual commissions, Plus500 tend to forgo those, at least for trades that are done via their trading platforms. However, they still need to make a living, and they do so via limited spreads. Speaking of which, those can be as tight as 2 pips, which is one of the reason they boast over one million clients and counting. But all those people did not show up only for tight spreads; they were also drawn by straightforward dealings and superior customer support, but we’ll get to that later in this Plus500 webtrader review.

Another thing every Plus500 webtrader needs to account for is the incredible leverage they have at their disposal. It differs from case to case, from one type of derivative to the other. In short, leverage can go as high as 1:20 for shares and/or ETFs, 1:200 for major FX currency pairs as well as some indices, for commodities it is slightly lower and the ratio is ‘only’ 1:100. However, these are the top values, and most of the ordinary trading may feature different leverage options.

Plus500 Webtrader Platform

As for the Plus500 Trading Platform, it can come off as underperforming, with its minimalistic approach spread over three different versions: one for web-based trading, the other as a Mobile trading platform and the last one is a downloadable package. The Plus500 webtrader is actually quite popular, as it offers a simplistic yet original design and works without a glitch. Being able to offer ‘no frills’ trading is really paying off, and many people actually find this kind of trading enjoyable as well as profitable. They don’t have to worry about too much info clouding their judgment. Still, going off the track that was beaten by the Meta Trader 4 platform was a gutsy move, albeit a successful one, as Plus500 webtraders have all the information they need to do their thing, all summed up in a nice, quaint trade window on the Plus500 Trading Platform.

Another aspect that is often neglected is the reliability, not only of the platform, but that of broker as well. As mentioned, Plus500 webtrader and its platform are regulated by both FCA and ASIC, meaning all transactions have to be transparent and in full accordance with the EU standards. This is especially true in terms of money transactions and funding accounts. In accordance with modern standards and regulations, most transactions are done via credit cards and wire transfer. Skrill and Paypal area possibility.

Customer service features both live chat and email support, which some may choose to view as a disadvantage, but by focusing on a single medium they can answer any and all inquires within half an hour from receiving them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus500 webtrader is the way of the future.

A Final Word on Plus500 Webtrader

Plus500 webtrader is a rare thing these days: a reliable, straightforward broker with no perks or unfair advantage that can be bought with extra cash. This means the only way to get ahead of other people is to be better than them; to beat them fair and square. This may not sit well with some, but they are probably better off with another broker, anyway. With well over one million clients around the world, Plus500 webtrader seems to be doing something right, at least.

  • Plus500UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909).
  • Plus500CY LTD is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Licence No. 250/14).
  • Plus500AU Pty Ltd, AFSL #417727 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission is authorized to issue these products to Australian residents. You do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. Please consider our Disclosure documents available on our website.

For more information, visit Plus500’s official website. Don’t forget that your capital is at risk.

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