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Everything you need to know about Social Trading Platforms? (Best Social Trading Platform)

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Social trading has become a popular trend in the present time as people are now getting connected through the power of the internet. People on the internet have provided so many amazing things to the people around them in their everyday life. Social media in the present times helps us in every walk of life. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn have specific social platforms for everyone. These platforms are making people internet savvy over their part of interest, hobby, and much more. People are growing more and more, and their base relies on helping the users invest, research, data, and advice. Social trading works only for people who have experience with social media platforms. There are the same principles that lie within social trading accounts and social networking. People come together and share information about the benefits with each other. 

The interest rates in social trading platforms are low. They provide solutions to investors who want monetary gains from online trading. You might take time to master skills in online trading. You might need colossal experience and knowledge on social media platforms. One of the significant aspects of social trading is that the experience level can affect your online trading. Social traders have an effect on new and inexperienced traders during forex trading. Social trading platforms provide a wide range of information and users’ point of view. Inexperienced traders have plenty of energy for learning and investing in social forex trading. Forex Social Trading platforms rely on active and engaged users. They also provide competitive advantages over social trading. 


What Does A Social Trading Platform Do?


There are several reasons for people to choose experienced traders. The success of your trade depends on their level of profitability. Social trading platforms provide 100% efficient and safe ways for making money. They are faster ways of making investment trading. 

Here are common reasons for joining a social trading platform:

  • Faster and reliable: Traders across the globe meet here and share detailed insight while doing social trading. Some social media platforms also allow traders to interact while making a trade.
  • Saves fees: These platforms provide money management from different social media platforms with the help of traditional advisors. The management fees of the traders here are calculated with the help of the total money invested. The investors won’t be able to make huge profits with low investments. But once the trader starts making huge profits, they can start earning big profits.
  • Low investment cost: Most social trading platforms don’t need high investments for startups. The traders can directly dive into making trades. Professional traders with money invested on different platforms without moving around colossal capital. They allow the traders to perform social trade with low investment and start growing without waiting.
  • Performance comparison: Traders do not compare their performance on their social trade. Social trading is very transparent. The traders here can track the ups and downs in their trade. Thus they are beneficial in comparing their trades. This lets the traders make free moves while trading.
  • Free flow of information: Social trading platforms have everything for users to see. The info flows free and makes it easy for a trader to form strategies and make decisions. This can help you reduce the need for time-consuming research. Here you get more information in less time hence get better results.
  • Learning and earning: Social trading provides good opportunities to learn from professional traders. Hence they protect you from getting lost in the market. You do not need to wait for a longer period unless you know where to start your journey.
  • You get a chance to become a part of the trading community: Social trading is a platform where investors hang out. You can access valuable trading information from any corner of the world.


What Are The Tools Of a Social Trader?


Social trading platforms help the trader to manage many accounts at a time. These platforms can be used to manage accounts, signal providers, and trade copiers. The tool does not simply help in determining the average trade, and they provide much more. 

The platform allows account traders to access many account loading. Here are the key features of social trading tools:

  • Account Manager

Social trading enables you to manage your MT4 account from brokers on a single platform. You do not need any special software, complex configuration, or any other VPS server. You can use your details to create and perform trading activities. Your account here can be securely hosted in the cloud. Once you add your account, you can use your credentials in several ways. 

  • Trade Copier

These are the core features while making a social trade. They are associated with configuring risk and setting in various scenarios. A trade copier can copy the trade with a speed of 50ms. Once you set up your social trading account, you can set up a trade copier. 

  • Signal provider

With social trading, users can allow trading of their accounts to different users through signal providers. Signal traders have publically viewable URLs with long codes. They are used for defining your trade results. They can also explain the terms in which other users can use your signals, either paid or free. 

  • Whitelabel 

If you are looking ahead to starting a trade, you can use Whitelabel to offer signals to your targeted users. These tolls are set up with a signal for the leader board by creating a signal mini-site. You can choose to restrict users and also add buyers’ affiliate links for filtering your preferred users. 

On average, social trading provides twelve different features. You can manage multiple MT4 accounts with the help of social trading. The platform provides peace of mind to the users. The platform can be used to access numerous trades at a time. You can sell or buy signals, push events, or send email alerts. The platform offers the traders to copy the trade. 


What To Look For In A Platform?


With social media platforms, we must ensure the safety of our funds invested. The broker you choose must also look forward to keeping your funds in a separate account to ensure security. 

  • Agency surveillance: The site you select must have oversight from reputable regulating agencies.
  • Track records: Look for a successful trade record with a copy of the trade available. Social trading sites provide a detailed analysis of the different traders’ activity to decide the trade pattern. Many social trading platforms offer tools to help traders select trades according to win rates and dropdowns. Once you evaluate your account, you can decide your trade positions accordingly.
  • Choosing assets: After selecting the trade to copy, next comes the turn of choosing assets to use. Choose the minimum entry point for your trade. You can set buy and sell points as per your interface.
  • Fees: Account management fees and commissions are the most important considerations for social media platforms. Different platforms have different fee schemes. You can compare fees schemes on various platforms as per your need.
  • Easy to use: There are demo uses available for most of the social trading platforms. These demos can help traders to experience actual trade time without risking money. This also provides access to gain consumer support. These trading platforms provide access to get clients’ attention and provide staff access during working hours.


Quick Overview Of Popular Social Trading Platform

Here is the most popular social trading platform:

  • eToro

This is one of the original trading platforms. The broker here provides complete access to the expansion in the U.S. market, hence is limited to the U.S. population. These platforms are available to crypto traders for lower regulatory standards. The forum requires a $200 investment in the initial stage. But they do not offer access to social trading. These platforms might not be the first but efficiently provide shape, accessibility, and visibility of your colonial trade.

  • Zulu trade

The platform was founded by a Greek trader Leon Yohai in 2007. The platform has recently introduced binary options in social trading. They also provide software to narrow down the best trade as per the trader’s need. The platform excels in trade copying. Zulu traders have signal trader providers in demo accounts for limiting trade experience. Zulu trade platforms might be time-consuming, but once a suitable trading copy is found. Trading platforms give access to live accounts for making money with minimum efforts. 

  • NAGA Trader

These are smartphone apps, they are the best show winner of the 2016 swipe stock, and they have their approach from dating apps. Now the app is renamed as NAGA Trade commercially. The trading platform allows you to trade with just a swipe of the mouse. The platform has become very popular because of the algorithm that matches the profile display. These platforms can be used for local and global interaction among traders. You can use the app on android or ios devices. They also provide a demo with a real-time trading experience. 


Significant Factors That Undermine Social Trading Success

Let us now look forward to understanding the factors behind a successful social trade:

  • Many traders think social trade is a simple technique for making easy money with a small investment. The trader must follow the golden rule of magnifying the potential profits as well as losses.
  • There are times when a financial advisor recommends expanding your investment. Social trading also follows the same principle. The brokers here reduce the risk by distributing your investment among different traders.
  • For making a real-time profit, traders need to make efforts from their trade. Understanding the concepts of forex and trading can be beneficial. Traders can also create an analysis of other traders’ activity before making a trade.
  • You can use demo accounts provided by several social trading platforms for managing risks and losses. If you feel it is tricky to make a trading decision, you can use a demo account to monitor the everyday trade fluctuations.
  • Traders sometimes get impatient while dealing with social trades, but it does not work this way. Trades need time to analyze trade strategy while conducting research. An essential thing to remember with trading is, every trade involves risk. Being patient and doing proper research and analysis is the key to success.


How Yo Get The Most Out Of Social Trading?

There are a few things to consider while making trades in social media to avoid risk and ensure minimum benefits from your trade. Listed below are some tips to get the most out of social trades:

  • There are balanced and experienced traders on social trading platforms. They always hold a keen insight and reasons behind every trade. You can use trading knowledge from them, but don’t forget to research your own.
  • Never follow advice like follow the trade or regret later. Do in-depth research before falling for any trade. Do not open trade positions before doing research. Else, you would end up making losses.
  • Once you make up your mind about trade copying, you might feel it harder than it seems. Traders earn a considerable amount of profit, but that might not work for everyone.


The Final Thought

In our article, we have mentioned how social trading works. Social trading platforms provide good opportunities to investors who are looking forward to trade copying. Investors can decide the portfolio they want to invest in. It is essential to look forward to a better social trading platform to ensure minimum profits. Social trading requires putting efforts into making high trades on a successful forum. Social trading platforms provide attractive returns on investment, help manage own risks, and earn commission as a professional trader. Social trading provides a number of platforms that offer interaction with several traders to understand the trading processes. Traders can analyze the success of their trade with the help of social trading platforms. They also ensure traders’ comfortability by providing demo trades before making a real-time trade. 

The investors can create their portfolios for the trades and also provide user signals. Investors can copy trade with proven profits. They also allow automatic relocation of trade. Social trading is an excellent way of sharing knowledge with expert traders. They also provide insight as a new trader. 

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