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Why should you trade exotic currencies? Everything you need to know

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Exotic Forex trading pairs are the riskiest pairs of forex trading to trade with. Exotic pairs of trading help the traders realize different avenues of profits, apart from the major currencies that dominate the market. Exotic pairs of currency include currencies in conjunction with currency from developing markets. For instance, you can form an exotic forex pair when an exotic currency such as Hungarian Forint(HUF)gets paired with any primary currency such as Euro, USD, OR Yen.  The exotic currencies are affected by the same drivers that have significant effects on price, such as interest rates, the strength of the country’s economy, insatiable international relations, instability of direct investment in foreign domestic markets, and several other factors. Some of the exotic currencies refer to currencies from small countries. The US Dollar is the staple currency, and they are also known as a world reserve currency that holds a massive number of trades. These trades allow a high spread of liquidity while choosing for Swing Trading Bitcoin.    

You must know, you can keep all the exotic currency trade altogether. Hence, they are classified into major currencies and currencies that have low international weightage but are from economically and politically stable nations.  You will end up having an exotic pair with one of the major currencies in it, no matter what currency you choose. Exotic forex trading tools are not for beginners. As they have certain drawbacks, and you cannot apply the same strategy in every currency pair. To have a successful exotic trade, you need to have prior training and experience understanding the market.  Exotic currency in foreign trade is thinly traded. These trades are highly volatile and are traded in low volumes. The trades are very expensive and require bid-ask spread and also demand compensation for liquidity of currencies.  Their currencies are not traded in the primary currency market as they cannot be easily traded in the foreign exchange market, requiring less standard brokerage account. 

Factors accepting the exotic trade are much different from major currencies. There are troubles of exotic trading that affect the health and interest rates of the economy. The changes in these currencies are often incurred due to the changes in the political landscape. The instability of political relations between the countries leads to depreciation at a considerable rate.  Apart from this, less liquidity develops a volatile nature because of the fragile nature of the country’s economy. This happens because the investors here wish to trade in higher volumes in their brokerage account, and they do not require any remarkable change. Hence they do not allow any adverse change in the currency rates. 


Which Are The Best Exotics To Consider?


When talking about the exotic trades, they contain one currency from major currencies and one currency from developing countries. Exotic currencies are majorly from small and developing nations.  The demands from these countries also make them less liquid. It would be best if you never forgot the vitality of exotic trading. They are also very expensive to trade with. Some of the best exotic to consider are:

  • US Dollar/ Thailand baht
  • Japanese Yen/ Norwegian Krone
  • Euro/Turkish lira
  • Sterling/ South African rand
  • Australian Dollar/ Mexican Peso
  • US Dollar/ Vietnamese Dong

There are several other currencies that are traded in exotic currency pairs. They cannot be traded against the most popular currencies at a time. However, the chances of entering a trade are pretty standard, and they have a powerful impact on the market. These trading strategies are best for those looking ahead for some experiment and change in trading routine.  However, you also incur the chances of monetary loss while changing the monotony of trading. 


Are Exotic Pairs Worth Trading?  


Many traders are entering forex trading without knowing their distinct advantages them. Most forex trading in exotic currencies is done from the central currency banks, which offer higher rates than significant currencies. They also provide the market to utilize and carry trade for them.  The traders here can borrow money from low-yielding currencies and invest them in high-yielding currencies and earn daily income from rate differences.  The points here are helpful in every moment emerging from undervalued significant currencies. They also give purchasing power to other traders.  It also enables the traders to open positions in the market position. The trades can also bargain the price for making potential gains in the market. 

Trading with exotic pairs also involves risk with them. It is essential to remember the pretentiousness rate difference for maintaining economic instability. Some of the market traders are also engaged in a long-term downward trend against major exotic currencies.  It would be best if you do not forget that buying and trading in exotic trade currencies for a more extended period is indeed risky. It’s worth mentioning that currencies are highly volatile and are barely predictable. Trading with a high volume of leverages can put you at financial losses and put you under considerable risks.  

The gross domestic product(GDP), inflation rates, and other factors also have a significant impact on the economic calendar of the country. Hence it is essential to point out aspects that are limitedly emerging in the market. However, it’s helpful to point out several economic announcements while appearing with limited market trading. Many other popular trading strategies use carry trade—the traders here use low-yielding currencies with low or no borrowing to buy high-yielding currencies. The traders will receive daily interest on the trade till the time they keep their position open. This process is known as rollover. 

There are many simple systems for trading in exotic currency. They provide short-term breakout for small runs. Drawing horizontal lines for support and resistance while observing the trade is essential for taking the trade in the direction of escape. Till the trade reaches the next level of resistance.  If you are not familiar with the concept of support and resistance while trading, you can consider several learning skills and watch several videos. 


What Are The Best Exotic Forex Pairs to Trade?


You can consider exotic pairs as the most lucrative ones because they are risky. Every forex trading involves risk, but the amount of risk is determined by the trader. There are various kinds of currency pairs traded in forex trading. Trades with major currencies can be made quickly, while minor currencies require time.  Exotic pairs are mostly quoted with one primary currency( USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) and one minor or developing currency( SEK, TRY, ZAR, etc.).  These pairs have less liquidity as compared to major currencies in the FOREX market.  When it comes to exotic pairs, you can consider any pair which is neither minor nor major. Exotic pairs majorly refer to the development and advancement of a country’s currency. 

The Forex trading pairs have that has now acquired 85% of the Foreign Exchange Market are:


From the above pairs, you would have noticed most of the pairs have USD as their primary currency.  There are a few minor forex trading pairs that are also called crosses. Some of the popular types of the cross are Euro and British Pounds.  Euro is the second most popular currency used after the US Dollars. Japanese Yen wins the race when we talk about Asian currencies. The British Pound holds the fourth position in the list of major exotic currencies. If there are frequent trades in any particular currency occurring most frequently, then the liquidity for that specific currency increases. This allows you to trade with currencies at your preferred price. 

You might find it challenging to match the liquidity level at your preferred prices. With exotic currency trade, you get a chance to have a large number of transactions in minor and major currency pairs; hence are easy to trade. The best thing about exotic currency trade is an easy prediction with great interest opportunities. The best of exotic pairs in Forex Trading is the bearish or bullish potentials of the trade. But the analysis of exotic pairs requires technical assistance. 


 What Are Some Potential Issues With Exotic Trading Currencies


As we already know, exotic currencies are less traded due to the risk involved with trading. Here it is essential to remember that most of the forex trading is done by banks. You might require complex algorithms for determining trades in computerized ways.  Exotic trades are less traded hence are less liquid. This is the reason why significant currencies require access to exotic currency.  The exotic currencies are minor hence belong to small and developing countries. ‘

Exotic currencies majorly depend on several factors such as interest rates, direct foreign investment, and many more.  You might also experience exposure for not growing to the accustomed trade. Due to the Victorian republic’s concern, there is a lot of commotion in Mexico; hence peso has become more sensitive to elections as compared to any other currency. There is a requirement of high capital; hence you need high compensation for a higher spread. The increase in vitality for exotic trade involves high risk hence having more chances of developing losses.  Exotic trades are liable for significant shifts of the government without any policy warning. The central market can rapidly depreciate according to the currency of the developing country. 


Some Of The Most Profitable Exotic Currencies To Trade


Most of the traded currencies worldwide have multiple contents from the most robust economy. Here is a list of the four most-profitable exotic currency trade: 


Their currencies are grounded from the US Dollar and Chinese Yen. They are the most trending exotic forex currency pair. They are highly liquid, and the buyer and seller can trade in the currency in large volumes. They do not incur higher fluctuation in price for exchange rates. They also offer a reduction in the cost of the trade when the market is relatively low. They have the lowest spread of 0.7pts and a marginal rate of 3.3%


They are the most traded currency. They have the world’s most traded and reputable economy. They are similar to USD/JPY in terms of liquidity and spread. They also have the ability to place large volume trades. The combination is considered as the best for trade capitating. They remain most stable throughout the year hence are most profitable throughout the year. They offer smaller and frequent earnings. They also have a minor spread of .07pts and have a marginal rate of 3.3%

  •  GBP/USD

They are a combination of the British Pound and the US Dollar. They are the most typical currency pair with frequent price fluctuation. They offer the most successful and profitable trades throughout the year. They are one of the best currency pairs to trade in swing movements. The currency pair helps understand the strength of the volatility of the currency. It is also efficient in improving the technical analysis of opening and closing positions in the market. They have a minimum spread of 0.9 points and a margin rate of 3.3%


They are a combination of Euro and British pounds. They are a tunnel for connecting two continents. They offer a solid and robust history of proximity among the region. They have been found to be highly volatile over the past years hence attracting skilled traders. They rely on exchange rates for changes in the interest rate. The strengthening of one currency at a time makes both currencies volatile during the currency trade. They have a minimum spread of 1.1 points and a 3.3% of margin rate.

The Bottom Line 

Making a successful exotic trade is not easy. You get exposed to currencies around the world for trading. To trade in exotic currency, a trader must have proper knowledge and skill on the currency movements. The effects of exotic currencies are strong and impactful. They offer better opportunities for traders who are seeking changes in their everyday trading routine. Exotic trades often incur monetary losses; hence it is advised not to trade for a higher amount of money unless you can afford the loss.  


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