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Things to Look for In A Regulated Forex Broker (Forex Broker Regulation)

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The number of forex traders has considerably increased over the present times. Over the past few years, there have been several claims for offering quality services to traders. We cannot say all the forex traders are the same. There are specific forex traders who look forward to making a profit over the expenses of the customers. At the same time, there are some traders who are committed to providing quality services to the consumers.

While visiting any financial site, there are high chances of encountering advice from forex traders. Here are several things to remember for making high leverage as a regulated forex trader:

  1. Regulatory compliance

A good reputation is essential for a forex trader. If you need any assurance that the trader is a member of the National Futures Association(NFA), you can visit the about us section of the website and check the name and number of the trader. Besides, you can also look for reviews of some famous forex brokers. Also, to maintain the integrity of your investment, you can keep an open account regulated with the broker. 

     2. Ensure data security

It’s essential to submit personal and financial data for opening accounts with forex traders. If your trader does not have good security features, then your financial data is stolen. You need to conduct due diligence to ensure the broker uses excellent security features. 

     3. Customer services

Forex traders are done for 24 hours. Hence you need uninterrupted services to have a smooth forex trading experience. Having a supportive consumer service team can be easily tested by checking all the channels available. If your queries are not addressed quickly, then the trader has a weak consumer support service. If you do not check the consumer services priorly, then you might be stuck in the situation for the long run. 


      4. Deposit and withdrawal methods

In forex trading, you are required to deposit and withdraw money from your account. Before choosing a trader, you must cross-check what the funding methods of the broker are. Debit and credit card, PayPal, and bank transfers are the most common funding services available. Also, you are required to check the fee structure of the broker. This would help you avoid issues in the future. 

         5. Stop-loss protection

The feature allows you to stop trade after a level of loss incurred while trading. Forex traders often offer the best services, but it is essential to double-check the terms and conditions before signing the contract with the trader. 

       6. Margin and leverage

Before finalizing your broker, you need to be well known for the margin and leverage requirements. When the margin in your trading account becomes insufficient, the trader can issue a margin call. Leverages are also essential for choosing the best level of forex trade. 


How Is The Forex Market Regulated?


The Foreign Exchange is among the most liquid markets worldwide. They provide several sizes and scopes of unique challenges for regulating the trades in the market.  Forex regulation is a market system that checks the plan for the safety of trade. These checks consist of setting up legal and financial standards for trade regulation. These checks are further verified for compliance and monitoring of the behavior of forex players. They are also called regulators. The forex market is short of being a financial market. It works on several principles of stock trading and share market with some vital differences.  Forex traders aim to buy weaker currencies and sell them off in the most favorable market conditions.   

The forex market is regulated by financial authority conduct. They are funded by several financial companies and brokers who support the market. They hold a good reputation in the market, hence can regulate the best forex brokers for beginners using the market.  Financial authority conduct also works with the Bank of England and prudential authorities for determining the regulations.  While looking for a forex-regulated broker, look for the seal of FCA. This indicates that the broker can be trusted with handling trade and money properly.  If any trader operates without a license, it is illegal. Moreover, this is the most crucial reason for regulating the forex market. Also, doing an online survey is essential for ensuring that the trader is regulated.  Looking for online reviews gives you an idea of the real-world functioning of the broker. It would also help you with tips and tricks of the traders who have earlier had experience with the brokers. 


 Why Is Regulation Important?


Forex trading is almost similar to the black-market earlier, and it didn’t have any rules and regulations. Dealing without rules and regulations made the customers deal with banks and brokers.  These procedures were changed ever since the regulations were applied for trading. In the increasingly global economy, we cannot underestimate the importance of forex trading for everyday consumers.  The rate of foreign exchange in the global market can be easily determined by the price paid for the increasing number of products, return of investment, and interest rates on loans and deposits. 

Apart from regulation, there are also return on investment and interest on loans and deposits.  Apart from the importance of regulation, currency rotation ultimately dictates the fortune of the consumers. Forex trade is now the most exclusive domain from the bigger banks, which further have dispelled the market with an increase in Forex exchange.  There have been continuous changes noticed in the relaxation of the government norms in forex trading. Forex trading regulations are now associated with relaxation from laws. Still, there are approvals required for the regulation of authorities in the forex market. 


Who Regulates the Forex Market?


The foreign exchange market now aims to decentralize, i.e., They operate with no foreign exchange in the central market. Countries regulate the forex market through government and supervisory bodies.  However, these regulations act as watchdogs in respect to the financial licenses that comply with local bodies. The Financial Authority Regulator assigns forex regulators. These regulators ensure the fair and ethical behavior of the business. They get signals from the investment bank to comply with rules and regulations laid by the regulators.  The regulators need to get registered and based on operations. These brokers are subject to market regulations with respect to industrial standards.  Forex trading requires a sufficient amount of funds for the execution and completion of a trade. Thus they conclude the funds of the consumers and return consumers funds in case of any bankruptcy.

Forex regulatory have specific requirements:

  1. Forex regulators ensure brokers do to make any false promises or assurances. It also prevents the brokers from making any advertisement that could mislead the trader for an erroneous decision.    
  2. Forex regulation restrictions ensure that the broker cannot use the client’s funds for any personal or operational expenses. The regulation here requires these deposits on another bank account of the brokers. 
  3. These regulations ensure that clients are well informed of the account status and the risk associated with it. 
  4. These regulations also maintain a level of risk associated with the trade. Forex trading firms usually do not offer high leverages to the consumers. 
  5.  These regulators ensure clients’ withdrawal of funds at any moment they wish to. 
  6. They also ensure periodic auditing of the financial risk associated with no misappropriation of funds.   


Mention Some High leverage forex brokers list.


Are you looking for high leverage brokers as you are all surrounded by low leverage forex trades?  High leverages forex trading offers tempting offerings to the trader. Usually, high leverage comes with no deposit. The traders here get attracted to the simplicity and easiness of the assessment of the interbank transaction. Not to forget, they are also associated with risk.  Higher the leverage, higher the risk, is the thumb rule with leverage.  There are different types of leverages, and they are all not suited to every trader.  Some Forex trading with high leverages has incredible conditions. Hence they refer to only a few types of trading accounting and cannot be traded worldwide.  Higher leverages in trading are considered riskier due to the probability of making a wrong trade. This is why several countries have regulated the leverage restrictions in forex trading. 

Tip: Beginners usually ignore money management techniques and are destined to face harsh conditions in forex trading. 

Best forex leverage brokers are:

  1. FBS: It is one of the significant brokers with forex leverages. They provide conditions for all types of traders. While talking about high leverage, FBS is highly recognized. They offer 3000:1 leverage in forex trading. But getting started with FBS is not easy. They have a low startup cost at the very beginning. The traders keep the price down as the trader here offers a wide range of ECN accounts. The leverage on the forex pair is 3000:1(IFSC), 30:1(CySEC). 
  2. HotForex: They are high leverage forex brokers with an international presence. They are highly consumer-oriented and offer a better consumer experience. The high leverages in the HotForex reach 1000:1. They also offer good startup costs, hence are easy for beginners. They require a minimum deposit of $5 in six different accounts and stock trading of $10000 as a minimum deposit. Leverage on these pairs are 1000:1(FSA), 500:1(FSCA), 50:1(DFCA), 30:1(FCA)
  3. OctaFX: They offer high leverages with a focus on the Asian market. They have gained a high reputation as ECN/STP brokers with high execution speed. They provide access to an increased range of assets and are limited to 28 forex pairs. They have a variable rate of 0.4pips and a fixed speed of 2 pips with their own proprietary copy trading service available. They have a leverage speed of 500:1(SV), 30:1(FCA), 30:1( CySEC). 
  4. JustForex: They are new brokers in the field. They have a practical and straightforward approach with execution of 1:30000 leverage. They also provide social trading to retail traders. They offer virtual private service access and have a variety of bonuses and promotions. They provide working on both FCA and ESMA. They are paired with a low spread of 0 pips in the market. They require a reasonable deposit of $100 to get started with the process. They have forex pair leverage on 3000:1(FSA), 30:1(FCA), and 30:1(CySEC). 


What Is the Difference Between Regulated vs. unregulated forex brokers?

Billions of traders trade with the forex market every day. There is high competition in the forex market involved with money deposits in forex trading. But when it comes to choosing brokers, traders usually get confused. Hence here are a few differences that could help you make your decision with ease.

  1. Accountability 

Regulated brokers offer some services held as per standard. You can contact them quickly for any query regarding your investment. At the same time, unregulated brokers do not have the exact requirement.  A regulated broker charges a lot of money as he follows all the guidelines of the trade. And they can be easily tracked for any incidences incurred in the past. 

       2. Protection 

Having a sense of protection for your investment makes you feel better. A regulated broker guarantees you protection for your money. They ensure all your tradings to be done on a book without anything shady in the trade. Regulated brokers have a badge of trust and protection on them. While when it comes to unregulated brokers, they do not provide anything for assurance to the clients. 

       3. Transparency 

Clients need to know where the money they invested is used. Regulated brokers keep transparency with the clients. They provide a complete insight into what is happening with your money. They also offer a complete report to the clients. At the same time, unregulated brokers do not have these kinds of rules and regulations. These brokers purposely keep you in the dark. 


 Final Words


Forex trading offers the most secure and reliable means of investment to several types of traders. Regulators have set limits to avoid slipping towards unregulated brokers. These regulations are set to control forex trading.  Forex broker regulation enables the brokers to dedicate more time and attention to analyzing and developing strategies. Forex brokers provide secure trading experiences by meeting the standard of the regulatory bodies.  

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