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What Do You Understand By Swing Trading Cryptocurrency? (Swing Trading Bitcoin)

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Swing trading cryptocurrency is a popular active trading strategy among all traders but is ideal for beginner traders. The trading strategy is very convenient for expressing the manageable time horizons to express opinions on cryptocurrency like Bitcoins. The aim behind using swing trade cryptocurrency is the profit from short to medium time frames. The goal is to catch the swing in the trading market that can occur between days, weeks or a month- these are usually not counted as duration over a month. 

Swing trading works as the best strategy in a high time frame with solid trends. These strategies provide plentiful advantages on more significant price swings. If you are a learner, you can look ahead to trading in Bitcoin, Etherum, and Tether, as they have more substantial market capitalization trade and violate coins in the market. Cryptocurrency uses technical strategies to observe time frames to catch short and long-term trends. The analysis of these trends is essential as market swings occur over short periods. 

Swing traders are most active in financial markets such as forex, cryptocurrency, and stock. 

In our article, you need to know about swing trading cryptocurrency. This will also help you determine whether it is a suitable choice for you. 


How much money can you make swing trading?


Swing trading is one of the practical tools when it comes to setting profit from medium moves. It is a perfect option for freshers as it allows a quiet place for everyday trading. The income potential gets affected by the capital invested and the commission paid for trading. You might observe a slight variation in the percentage of returns. Once you understand the market, you can know that one need is not better than the other. 

Swing trading can make you rich with a return of the largest of 10-50% per annum. You might double your investment every three years. Here it would be ideal if you made a better investment strategy to get better returns on investment. There are some factors on which your returns depend. Those factors are: 

  • Your wins and losses depend upon the amount you are investing. A good trader always understands the balance between risk and returns. In this situation, if you invest a more considerable amount, you might have a higher risk value. At the same time, you will also have higher potential from the investment and vice versa.
  • Taking more opportunities to invest makes a higher chance for you to make enough profit. Ensuring enough stock exchange can help you get enough opportunities to have good returns on investment.
  • Your ability to gain profit depends on the edge strategy and deviation you use for trading. You must remember there are no predetermined rules that you can follow while trading to get good returns.

Not everyone can become rich by trading, and you might have heard many people losing money from the investment. This loss is the improper approach and trading strategy people use without any proper education or knowledge. This might be pretty strange to hear, but you need adequate knowledge and training to get profit. 


What are the advantages of swing trade bitcoin? And give some suitable tips for swing trading in forex?


Swing trading bitcoin is an excellent strategy, plus it does not need any other approach as demanded by other crypto trading tools: 

  • You do not need to watch the stock for the long term as swing trading usually does not need hours of monitoring as the trades are short and medium-term, and this won’t last for more than some days or weeks.
  • Many trades make it less stressful as it requires longer time scales and lower frequency returns.
  • As you do not need to track intensely, you can manage trading with your job as part-time work to make a profit.
  • Vitality is the key to cryptocurrency trade. A volatile market can give you attractive returns.

The current cryptocurrency market even has lots of challenges for traders and professionals. Being a successful crypto trader requires a lot of technical analysis before making any trade.

Swing trading is not a strategy; It’s a style. The concept of swing trading in forex comes in two choices: following the trend and counter trading to trend. Here, we’ll present some tips that can help you make better swing trading in forex:

  • The most straightforward strategy for newbies to start trading is trend trading. Hence, the trading strategy applied to many tools is one of the best trading strategies for swing trading in forex.
  • The market is never a straight line, and you need to observe the highs and lows of the market. You must wait and track the market. In the long run, you need to have risk management to outweigh the profit out of your investment.
  • The following trading strategy is counter trading. It relies on the principle of spotting short-term trends. It’s essential to have discipline while counter-trading when the price moves against you. If the market goes against you, be ready to admit you’re wrong decision, and draw trade underline.


  • If the market moves down from the upper line, you first need to support the middle rope. If the market fails to hold the middle band in any situation, you need to pay complete attention to the lower band.
  • Suppose you dig the market for swing trading. Also, for versatile trading, then there are several pips. If your position is strong as compared to your capital, then you can weather the storm.
  • Before taking any position, you must have risk management numbers in mind to stop loss and neutralize your situation. This will help you perform actions without crossing your risk limits.


What is the difference between Day Trading vs. Swing Trading Cryptos?


One of the significant differences between day trading and swing trading is the time scale. Day traders’ goals to make a profit in a short time run within a day. This is why day traders consider more active in comparison to swinging traders. We must remember, a day trader does not keep their position open for longer than a day. In contrast, a swing trader does not stay active throughout the day. They make more significant plays by winning a few trades. 

Swing traders have a massive approach to trading. The track positions less as they aim to profit from price movements that are usually longer to play. 

Day traders use technical analysis of the market with different trading tools. In comparison, a swing trader uses fundamental analysis with a stronger emphasis on technicals. 

Coming on the last concussion to move further with the day or swing trade depends on the trader’s goals, trading style, and time strategy. It’s always better to consider different trading strategies tools in a demo account before investing in any plan. 


What is the best crypto trading bot?


Cryptocurrency is grabbing more attention from the market at present. Crypto trading bots allow a trader to buy and sell positions depending upon technical indicators. They are a computer-based application that trades cryptocurrency on a predefined basis. It has become easier for traders to start with both strategies to enhance their trades. Here are the best crypto trading bots: 

  • Coinrule: it provides a wide range of trading strategies. It’s very tough to beat the coin rule of selection. Coin Rule introduces new platforms to its users, from long-term strategy to stop-loss strategy. It allows customized trading to the users with 150 templates generated after meeting the market parameters.
  • Pionex: these are the best crypto trading bot for high-volume trading. It is a full-fledged mobile app that features a low commission on trading. It allows you free trading of 12 bots without any extra costs. It also relieves the stress of monitoring the market. It supports manual trading between cryptocurrencies. It is also considered a primary tool for the high-volume crypto trading bot.
  • Shrimpy.io: these are the best connecting apps for crypto exchange. You can connect to 18 exchanges at a time and manage your portfolio. It also allows you to add as many wallets as you want.
  • Crypto Hopper: it is one of the best all-rounder crypto trading bots. It is a 24*7 working bot that supports services based on cloud storage. It allows no downtime and updates without disturbing your trade. It also offers an accessible account setup with no card information required.


What does swing position indicate in forex?


Swing trading has been profitable for over a decade. Forex trading carrer holds a position for overnight or a few weeks, and few ways help risk management. On average, you need to spend at least 30-40minutes a day reviewing your charts. Overviewing of charts can lead to over-trading. Forex works on the best strategies that can help you with the best time strategies and opportunities. If you are looking for a related trade, then forex swing trading is your option. 

What’s next? 

Swing trading is one of the used trading strategies that help to trade in both stocks and cryptocurrency. Learning how to invest with swing trading might involve capital investment risk; hence, you need to stay cautious about the market while making trades. Swing traders usually remain in a position for days, weeks, or months, depending on the trading strategy. While selecting the best trading strategy, focus on what fits your style and preferences. Learning about the risk management principles will help you with stop loss and better position strategy. 


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