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Everything you need to know about Candlestick Patterns (Best Candlestick Patterns)

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Candlestick charts are also known as forex candlestick charts. They offer in-depth information about the stock as compared to the traditional bar graphs. Candlesticks charts were developed in Japan over 100 years ago. A Japanese named Homma discovered the link between supply and demand. It further influenced the emotions of the traders. Candlesticks make a virtual presentation of emotion at different prices with different colors. Different traders use candlesticks for making trading decisions. The trading decisions depend upon different forecast patterns of price in the short term. 

Candlesticks depend upon four significant points. They are all specified as per the trader’s specifications. These charts represent virtual cues that help better understand price actions. It enables only forex social trading to understand the price moves and patterns properly.  Candlesticks in the present time are the most popular tool for technical analysis. This enables the traders to predict the price of the market quickly just by viewing some price bars. The chart has three main features:

  • The Body: which represents close to close range.
  • The Wick: it means the highs and lows throughout the day.
  • The color: it helps in revealing the direction of the market with a price increase. 

With candlestick patterns, you traders recognize ways that represent opportunities in the market. Trading Signs also create a balance between buying and selling with market indications and patterns. 

What are the types of Candles in forex trading?

Forex, candlestick trading patterns, represent the high and low in price in the short term movements. The basic candlestick patterns have random price movements that traders use to analyze the trading purposes. Candlestick patterns are separated into two types: bearish and bullish. Bullish patterns state a price rise. A bearish pattern suggests a fall in price. These patterns are mere indications and not the guarantee about the market. Here are different types of candlestick patterns in forex trading:

  1. Bullish hammer: it’s formed with a short body and a lower wreck. They are found at the bottom of the market. They represent the fall in the price trend. A hammer shows the selling price throughout the day with a large price backup. The color of the hammer in the candlestick can be either green or red. Both these colors represent a strong bull in the market.
  2. Bullish engulfing: this chart illustrates the condition where buyers outpace sellers. It is reflected in the candlestick chart with a long green body destroying the short red Body. This bull represents come control over high heading prices.
  3. Bullish Harami: it represents the downtrend in the market. It is a small red body with a large green body about the previous day. It indicates a pause in the market.
  4. Bearish Harami: it’s a small red body inside a long green body. It’s a pattern to watch out for. This pattern indicates hesitation from the buyer’s side. If the price still tends to rise, it will be an uptrend in the market.
  5. Bearish harami cross: it’s an uptrend in the market followed by a session where the market is both open and closed virtually(Doji). These are implemented in the same way as bearish Harami.
  6. Bullish harami cross: it is a downtrend in the market that follows the Doji session.
  7. Bullish rising three: the starting of this candlestick pattern is called a long white day. Small natural bodies here move the price slowly in the third and fourth sessions. The price stays still throughout the session. The fifth and last day pattern in the complete session is called another white day.
  8. Bearish rising three: this starts with high down prices in a day. Three small bodies here make changes with the upside trend in the candlestick chart on the first day. After completing the fifth day, the chart shows another downward trend in the price. The graph represents that the trades can head the loss and are back in control.


How is a candlestick formed? 

The upcoming generation is coming forward with different candlestick patterns. This allows the traders to draw, customize and improve forex trading strategy. Tools, price projection, and technical indicators have enabled traders to move ahead.  A candlestick pattern reflects the high and low throughout the day. It is also compared to open and close. Candlestick patterns differ entirely depending upon the different prices throughout the day. Long candlestick patterns(white and green) show there is tremendous buying pressure, i.e., bullish.

Long candlestick patterns(black and red) show selling pressure, i.e., bearish.  Reversal bullish patterns are called hammers. It reflects open in lower and then gets close to high. Bearish patterns are called hanging men. They are used to decide the top and bottom pick of the day in forex trading. They look like a hanging square lollipop. These candlesticks are helpful in the analysis of patterns throughout the day in hourly cycles or long cycles.


Which candle patterns are best for trading?

Candlestick charts are the most popular chart used in forex trading. It reflects different information through conventional bar charts. Each bar captures data for open, close, high, low, etc., in the market. These charts represent the strong and weak points of the market throughout the day. Hence it gets easy to predict possible moments for the next day. 

These charts consist of two or three candle patterns. The risk and rewards in the candlestick pattern are attractive for the traders.  Here are candlestick patterns that are best for trading:

  • Doji: the opening and closing prices of the market are close in this pattern. This gives a chance of high and low wicks of the candle. These neutral patterns gain significance after the steady buying and selling.
  • Engulfing pattern: this pattern is one of the most powerful patterns in candlestick. It occurs when the latest candlestick overcomes the previous one. It reflects that the seller has overpowered the buyer and vice versa.
  • Morning star: it represents the bottom of the downward move. The formation of the morning star represents a big bearish candle that defines the downward movement. The second candle is Doji, and the third represents bullish patterns. It means extreme selling in the market.


How Reliable Are Candlestick patterns?

People use different timeframes and strategies that rapidly switch between the bar strategy to identify the setups. These patterns are more reliable than intraday bars.

Candlestick bars are trendy and have considerably reduced the reliability of hedge funds and are analyzed to observe the high odds of bullish and bearish outcomes.  Learning ways to use candlestick is an efficient way to understand the forces in the market. 

Reasons why these patterns are reliable as compared to intraday patterns:

  • Timeframe: shorter trades are more reliable as compared to the longer ones due to their volatility. Traders experience frequent changes in the short term. While an extended time frame represents more reliable weekly and daily patterns.
  • Instruments: trading instruments are different from liquidity trading volume. Some candlestick works better with forex, while some are efficient in dealing with stocks. The reliability of candlestick patterns here depends upon the higher volume of shares traded.
  • Patterns of the chart: they provide support and resistance close to the traders and hold the potential to work out.
  • Size of pattern: larger patterns are more reliable and offer significant moments with stronger signals.
  • Candlestick patterns: reliability levels of different candlestick patterns are different. But, candlestick patterns provide more reliable information about price prediction and moves in the market.
  • Random impact on price: arbitrary and shorter timeframes have a more substantial and significant effect on the market’s moves. And the daily bar allows determining the price bars for the next day.
  • Attention: big market players use daily bars to make decisions regarding their trading. This memes daytime trading gives you a chance of support and attention levels which can be observed more closely to get more robust results.


Which candlestick pattern is most reliable for day trading? 

There are several types of charts that a trader can use in a financial market. But the reliability of these charts is beneficial only when you have complete information regarding these charts. The line chart is an excellent option to show the changes in the market trend. It doesn’t let the user decide what to do. Candlesticks are the prevalent type of charts due to the indications it gives to the traders. 

Candlesticks patterns tell us more about liquid financial assets. These patterns show relatively closer predictions about price in the market. These are an excellent source when it comes to identifying the reversal and extensions of the trading prices. 

Two essential things that you observe with these recurring themes are:

Reversals: it’s a change of direction in the market price trend. These changes can either be positive or hostile against the movement. They are also called “rallies” or “trend reversal.” 

Breakout: it’s a state in your chart where the price is specified on critical levels. Several things support the resistance in price trend lines. 

Shooting star candlestick is most reliable when it comes to day trading. It does not form unless there are long green line patterns in your chart. It indicates the high price and demand. The traders here lose the calmness of mind due to overpaid costs. These charts trap late arrival that pushes the high price in the market. There are high chances of traders panic and exit on the point of late arrival. 


The bottom line

Candlestick patterns are the most efficient tool when it comes to technical analysis. These help gain profits in the competitive markets.  Understanding these patterns is the key to making decisions and gaining financial profit as they hold the potential to interpret market trends depending on interfaces. These patterns can turn out to be an effective tool if used properly. 

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