Home Analysis Euro goes deeper after Greece failed to meet deadline

Euro goes deeper after Greece failed to meet deadline

by Dragan Stankovic

Euro goes deeperGreece failed to honor the deadline they have given themselves to come to an agreement with the euro zone partners about paying back the credits in order to receive new financial aid. This new development is the main reason for the new euro fall on the stock market.

Over the past months, the European currency went up and down a lot, and each time the change was connected with the advances or the setbacks in the negotiations. On the 30 of June, the program of financial help for Greece will expire, and even worse, the country must pay to MMF on Friday.

In relation to the U.S dollar, euro is now weaker for 0.7 percent, and the same percentage fall can be seen against the yen.

On the contrary, the U.S dollar got near to the monthly maximum of 97.775 points. The jump of 0.3 percent of the dollar index, got the American currency to 97.358 points.cf brokers - u.s dollar going stronger again

One dollar now is equal to 124.15 yens, keeping it under the twelve year max that we saw last week, which was triggered by the investments believes that the shaky monetary policy in Japan could cause change of rates between them and the U.S.

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