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Greece slowly starts to go with the flow

by Dragan Stankovic

greeceIMF and the European Union got some news from Athens, when official Athens stated that they are willing to negotiate until the end of June with them in order to achieve some compromise. The Greek government firmly believes that a solution that would bring peace to all of the sides involved is near.

After the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras instantly rejected the proposal given by the lenders last week; the comments struck a more conciliatory note. He suggested that Greece could make a step back and make some changes that the IMF wants, even some that caused a rift in the Syriza party. The austerity cuts are one of them and practically the main one.

The proposal from last week caused a lot of new problems in these negotiations. Some of the terms for the cash for reform deal that is meant to save Greece, were labeled as stupid, absurd and insulting by Tsipras. His statement was followed by an even angrier one from the President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker and a situation in which Juncker denied a call from Tsipras.

One of the main promises Alexis Tsipras gave during the elections campaign was to throw out another extension to Greece’s bailout. But now, according to the government spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis, that possibility is becoming more and more real and it’s only a question of time for it to happen.choose forex - sakellaridis answers

Greece is in deep trouble at the moment, perhaps even worse that a couple of months ago. If the creditors don’t release some additional funds (remaining funds), Athens cannot pay their debt repayments until the end of June. But although the situation for them is pretty bad, the Greek government still refuses to bow its head and agree to the creditors terms.

At a news conference, Sakellaridis said that the mission of the Greek delegation is to dig deep and find a possible solution that could be at least satisfying for both sides. Our proposal is a starting point for sure, he stated. His further comments were much calmer than the Prime Minister’s last Friday, so apparently official Athens is starting to take a different approach. “ We have a lot of time until the end of the moment, and that gives us chances to have political dialogs and negotiations, so that is a positive outcome “ – Sakellaridis said.

choose forex - Tsipras negotiationsThe previous extension of the 240 billion euros bailout program that Greece got from the creditors is going to expire at the end of the month. According to Sakellaridis, another extension is certainly a possibility and a temporary solution, so it will be discussed.

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